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  1. Great website and product Dee! You truly are making a difference and healing people’s skin from all around the world! Keep it up!

  2. I was truly surprised to receive the shipment so soon. Great Job! I ordered two lavenders Dr Oz talked about lavender on his show. Boy I’m glad I found your website for the information, thank you, and will place another order soon. My skin feels so soft and you really do not have to use a lot!
    Thank you again

  3. I wanted to try frankincense and myrrh scent mainly because it was the oil they gave Jesus. I really like it. Its soft enough for women to use as well. This and the lavender are my favorite. I like the scents have herbal benefits too.

  4. Winter time is almost here and I’m so glad I found a product that keeps my skin moisturized all day. The other reviews are right the mason jars definitely give that added bonus!

  5. I’ve been using these products for so long now I’ve got to try them all out. The cucumber melon and the vanilla is my favorite! Thanks for your products.

  6. WOW! I Really Love My Body Butter! Fast deliver and the product held great considering the summer heat. I just popped it in the refrigerator for a little bit. Thanks again!

  7. This product is excellent. It is a great moisturizer and has a wonderful scent that will definitely have you getting compliments.

  8. I have a 3 month old and I was having problems with diaper rashes, I used Gaia’s Gold and in 2 days my sons diaper rash had cleared up! Works fast and great price! thank you

  9. Thank you for sending my orders in such a timely fashion.
    The far outdid my expectations. The quantity and quality are excellent. I will be ordering from you again.
    I have given your address to friends and relatives.

  10. 2 for $35 a great deal! I’m very pleased with the quality and look forward to ordering in the future. In addition, I’m heavily involved in the hectic new world of health care reform with a focus on helping people to realize the importance of taking responsibility for their health, apart from a focus on “insurance”. I hope to send people your way resulting in seeing the doctors less and enjoying life and good health more!”

  11. I’m amazed with your products & service. My order arrived in 2 days! I just placed my second order for my children. You are really providing a great product 5 stars keep it up!

  12. My wife brought the frankincense as a gift for Christmas last year. I like the smell it’s not too strong but women definitely notice it. Will buy again!

  13. The cucumber melon has to be my favorite scent I give this product 5 stars because it is actually made from real fruits. its smell is so sweet and natural.

  14. I loved everything about ordering with this site. I really like that the product is in glass mason jars! Awesome! It really keeps the product fresh and I really like the feeling of being appreciated as a customer. The emails were friendly and warm, and that really made a huge difference. I will surely be shopping with this site again.

  15. I was interested in your products after reading all the information you gave in the brochure at the Natural Health Expo and I can say you truly back up all of your claims. I struggle with psoriasis and really wanted a product that would improve my skin and not just take my money. I’m proud leaving this comment because after 2 weeks I have seen such an improvement in my skin.
    Thank you for taking the time to give information and make a product that truly works!

  16. First off I love that this product is packaged in mason jars! I love reusing them. Secondly, my skin just soaks this product right up it is not oily like I have experienced with other oil based products. You truly put love into your jars like the label says!

  17. I first ordered your products in the beginning of the summer for my sunburn relief, but after using your product for 1 month now I can attest to all the other great things Gaia’s Gold has done for my skin. My sunburn has cleared and my skin has never glowed so much! My daughters eczema and acne has been under control as well!
    Great product I definitely recommend!!

  18. I am a very satisfied return customer. Placed my order on Thursday and the box with all my products on Saturday. AMAZING customer service smells amazing! LUV you guys!! Thank you!

  19. So….I have been using this since I purchased at the Fitness Expo in Baltimore, It is heavenly It is super light but very effective. It melts into the skin almost immediately and it has a very light sweet soft scent. I went through the entire jar but it smells so good that could not help myself. I have used it on my face down to my toes . Wonderful product. So glad I met you !

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