The Benefits of Benzoin Oil

The Benzoin Tree (Styrax Benzoin), is a beautiful tree not just in reference  to it’s appearance, but more so because of the invaluable properties that are within.

Benzoin oil is naturally extracted from the trunk of normally a 7 year or older tree.

Benzoin oil, when consumed by the body, provides the body with essential nutrients that promote all around better health of  the mind and body

The simple act of inhaling the savory vanilla scent of Benzoin is transmits to our brain and stimulates the nervous center. This provides the body with a natural anti-depressant, providing a sedative effect, promoting relaxation while stimulating the heart beat and improving blood circulation.

Benzoin’s organic components, Benzoic Acid and Benzyl Benzoate, make Benzoin an excellent antispectic and disinfectant effectively killing all germs, bacterias, viruses and fungus on and in the body. Benzoin works as a vulnerary protecting open wounds from infection, as well as quickly healing the wound. Acting as a natural deodorant, Benzoin kills the germs on the body that cause body odor.

Benzoin is an anti-inflammatory soothing redness and itchiness common with viral infections such as the chicken pox and cases of the measles. Benzoin also heals any cracks, sores and rashes that occur on the skin. People suffering from inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis or rheumatism, find relief when applying Benzoin onto the skin Thanks to the organic compound Benzyl. The Toxic Chemicals In Skin Care Products prevent other products from performing their healing duties.

The astringent properties of Benzoin work as an effective face-lift for the skin reducing the appearance of aging.

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